Incheon is one of the major cities of South Korea, and serves as one of the most important tourist destinations of the region.

A fascinating locale and a rich heritage have made the city a popular place among tourists from across the globe. Incheon is a bustling city functioning as a major commercial and political centre of South Korea. Incheon today teems with a crowd which includes numerous tourists as well as the city's 2,628,000 residents. An overview of the city would give the visitors an idea of the fascinating city.

Located by the Yellow Sea, Incheon boasts of some fantastic locales in the region. With a serene seascape and fascinating islands, Incheon is indeed a wonderful place to be. Numerous islands strewn around the city offer an exotic experience to the tourists here as quite a few of them still retain their primitive ways. With lush patches and a calm blue stretch, thee islands offer a host of beach activities. A number of hills also rise from these islands, allowing the tourists exciting hiking or gliding trails. Wolmido or Yeongjongdo are some of the most frequented islands of the place and as they are linked well to the mainland, these islands remain packed with tourists who come here to savor a typical island life.

The city embodies a fascinating history as its origin dates back to the Neolithic period. For centuries, Incheon had been serving as an important trade centre of the region, and had even witnessed the tumultuous events of the Second World War. The city is still dotted with remnants of its ancient past, and the old architectures are major tourist attractions today.

Incheon experiences a temperate weather which adds to the pleasure of being here. A proximity to the sea keeps the climate at a mild level, allowing the visitors to enjoy their stay here anytime a year.

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Starting date and Application deadline

emoticon Starting date: The job officially starts on August 20th, 2013

emoticon STARTING April 1st, 2013, the EPIK office will schedule interviews for the 2013 September intake (jobs starts in August 2013). To get an interview you need to submit the initial application package and you need to start preparing for the required documents ASAP. If you are a USA or a UK citizen, it is recommended that you start the application procedure immediately.

Please take note that the positions will be filled quickly, especially in metropolitan cities, therefore applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible


A person who has minimum bachelor degree in any discipline.

By E2 visa law, EPIK teachers should have a citizenship from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and South Africa. Must have studied from the junior high level (7th grade) and resided for at least 10 years or more in the country where English is the primary language.

Salary and benefits

·         Salary: from 2.0-2.85 M Korean Won per month depends on your qualification and a location you teach

·         Free roundtrip Airfare (Entrance/ Exit allowance)

·         Free Furnished Housing Provided - Single studio-type housing

·         Paid vacation minimum 21+ calendar days per year  in addition to national holidays (12-14 days)

·         Government Medical plan; this medical insurance will allow you to receive medical attention and prescription medicines at a fraction of their original cost.

·         National Pension Scheme; Pursuant to the Korean National Pension Corporation Act, 50% of your compulsory pension contributions will be paid by your host POE. At present, only EPIK GETs holding American or Canadian citizenship are eligible for a lump-sum pension refund upon successfully completing their contract and departing Korea

·         Severance Pay - Equal to approximately one month's salary

·         Settlement allowance: 300,000 Won

·         Renewal Allowance: 2,000,000 KRW will be provided upon successful completion and renewal of your contract with the same POE.

·         Tax Exemption - 2 years of income tax exemption (except for Canadians)

Working hours and duties

•Work Place: Public schools under the Provincial Office of Education.

•Teaching for the elementary to high school students

•Working hours: 8:30 am-4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

•Teaching hours: 22 classes (not hours) per week during the school hours.

•Duties: Jointly conduct English conversation classes and extracurricular activities with Korean teachers

How to apply

Please email us your resume to Please state your date of availability when you send us your resume. Once we receive your resume will contact you as fast as we can.