Public School teaching positions with 5 WEEKS vacation in beautiful Gangwon Province - Apply now for September openings.

Gangwon-do truly is full of natural attractions. The mountains of Seorak and Chiaksan are must sees for visitors and the region boasts some of the country’s finest beaches and cleanest coastlines. Due to the heavy snowfall the province receives, there are countless ski resorts for enthusiasts to choose from. Flanked by the sea and towering cliffs, the scenic seasonal variations are simply unparalleled. On the comfortable bus ride out, as I sat marveling at the sheer beauty of what rolled out in front of me, I couldn’t think of anywhere else I had been in Korea that held my attention for so long. The first stop brought us to the Institute of Traditional Korean Cuisine in Pyeongchang-gun just as a light snow began to fall. Bordered by beautiful distant peaks that loomed solemnly in the distance, we first took notice of a series of wooden architectural structures sitting peacefully on the sprawling open valley expanse before us. As the group walked around, the institute’s director, Jo Jeong-Gang, a reputable authority of Korean traditional food, informed everyone about the many cultural signposts dotting the premises.

Listen up, holiday travelers: Gangwondo is the perfect place to visit this time of year.

With its popular ski resorts, the famously colorful Mt. Seorak and endless reserves of cultural relics, it’s no wonder Gangwondo attracts visitors from around Korea and Asia, for that matter.
It’s located in the center of the peninsula and near the East Sea, serving as an axis for Northeast Asia.
Daegwanryeong, the Alps of Korea, is one of Gangwondo’s main attractions. In the spring, it blooms with wildflowers in every color and runs rampant with sheep.
In Chuncheon, Gangwondo’s skiing mecca, visitors can both ski and visit the filming site of the wildly popular Korean drama “Winter Sonata.”
The area is rife with lively festivals as well. Favorites include the International Mime Festival, the Puppet Festival and Wonju’s Tattoo Festival.
And connoisseurs can rest assured. Gangwondo offers a broad variety of foods for every type of appetite. Must tries include: Makguksu, or cold buckwheat noodles in kimchi sauce, and seafood from Daepo Harbor.
Gangwondo’s other claims to fame include Korea’s largest casino and the fact that it’s a candidate to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. But why wait until then? Visit the province today and let Gangwondo’s nature charm you.

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Donghae City

Gangneung City

Sokcho City

Samcheok City 


Starting date and Application deadline

emoticon Starting date: The job officially starts on August 20th, 2013

emoticon STARTING April 1st, 2013, the EPIK office will schedule interviews for the 2013 September intake (jobs starts in August 2013). To get an interview you need to submit the initial application package and you need to start preparing for the required documents ASAP. If you are a USA or a UK citizen, it is recommended that you start the application procedure immediately.

Please take note that the positions will be filled quickly, especially in metropolitan cities, therefore applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible.


A person who has minimum bachelor degree in any discipline.

By E2 visa law, EPIK teachers should have a citizenship from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and South Africa. Must have studied from the junior high level (7th grade) and resided for at least 10 years or more in the country where English is the primary language.

Salary and benefits

·         Salary: from 2.0-2.85 M Korean Won per month depends on your qualification and a location you teach

·         Free roundtrip Airfare (Entrance/ Exit allowance)

·         Free Furnished Housing Provided - Single studio-type housing

·         5 WEEKS paid vacations per year  in addition to national holidays (12-14 days)

·         Government Medical plan; this medical insurance will allow you to receive medical attention and prescription medicines at a fraction of their original cost.

·         National Pension Scheme; Pursuant to the Korean National Pension Corporation Act, 50% of your compulsory pension contributions will be paid by your host POE. At present, only EPIK GETs holding American or Canadian citizenship are eligible for a lump-sum pension refund upon successfully completing their contract and departing Korea

·         Severance Pay - Equal to approximately one month's salary

·         Settlement allowance: 300,000 Won

·         Renewal Allowance: 2,000,000 KRW will be provided upon successful completion and renewal of your contract with the same POE.

·         Tax Exemption - 2 years of income tax exemption (except for Canadians)

Working hours and duties

•Work Place: Public schools under the Provincial Office of Education.

•Teaching for the elementary to high school students

•Working hours: 8:30 am-4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

•Teaching hours: 22 classes (not hours) per week during the school hours.

•Duties: Jointly conduct English conversation classes and extracurricular activities with Korean teachers

How to apply

Please email us your resume to  Please state your date of availability when you send us your resume. Once we receive your resume will contact you as fast as we can.