What is EPIK?

The Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology invites responsible, enthusiastic, and native English speakers to participate in the English Program in Korea (EPIK) and conduct English conversation classes for Korean primary, middle or secondary public school students to promote and strengthen English language education in Korea. EPIK-SOME (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education) information please visit

What are the benefits?


·     Salary - Approximately $2000-2500/month depending on your qualifications

·     Free furnished housing

·     Regular working hours (9AM-5PM)

·     Entrance and exit allowance - price of place ticket is reimbursed

·     Paid vacation time (18-21 working days)

·     Paid overtime

·     Job security - backed by the Korean Government

·     Experience another rich culture

·     One year contract

Am I eligible?

·     Are you a citizen of the seven (7) designated English-speaking countries (CA,US,UK, SA,AU,NZ,IR)?

·     Have you studied in one of the seven (7) designated English-speaking countries beginning from the first year of middle school (Grade 7) through to university for a minimum of 10 years?

·     Do you now or will you soon hold a Bachelors degree?

·     If you have answered yes to the above questions, then you are eligible!


Time is of the essence!

EPIK (English Program in Korea) hires twice a year in March and in September as the new semesters for Korean public school commence. For the Spring (March Intake) semester, the mandatory orientation is held from February 17th and you begin work on March 1st. For the Fall (September Intake) semester, the mandatory orientation is held from August 19th and you begin work on September 1st.

Starting date and Application deadline

EPIK and other Korean Public Schools hire their Guest English Teachers twice a year in March and September.

 March IntakeSeptember Intake
Application submission startsBetween August and October 1stBetween February and April 1st
Application Deadlines*November 30thMay 30th
* Tentative Dates: subject to change depending on the number of application EPIK office receives.

There will be many applications being submitted on the first day of submission. So, please prepare yourself to be able to submit on the first day to maximize your chance of securing the position in a desired location.

In general, there are a large number of people applying for positions in the metropolitan cities. So, if you have a preferred location, you should apply as soon as possible to avoid the disappointment. Please note that the deadlines practically have no meanings since the employment is granted on a FCFS basis.

It can take up to 3 to 4 months to prepare all the required documents, therefore, we strongly advise that you compile the required documents and begin the application process as early as possible (at least 3-4 months prior to the application submission). Again, each stage of the application is processed on a FCFS basis.

From March to September and from September to March after the major intakes, only a limited number of positions are available. Please inquire with us for possible openings

Please take note that the positions will be filled quickly, especially in metropolitan cities, therefore applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible

·     There is no designated application deadline since the employment is given on a first-come first-serve basis

·     Spots, however, are filling up quickly!

·     We recommend you contact us ASAP to begin your application process!

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If you are interested in applying for an EPIK job (public school teaching job through the Ministry of Education of Korea), there is one thing that we cannot stress enough: APPLY EARLY! Why? Because the position is in high demand and the procedures are time consuming as well as complex.

Korean public schools hire in March and September. For the March intake, orientation will be held on February 17th and you will commence your work on March 1st. For the September intake, orientation will be held on August 20th and you will commence your work on September 1st.

To be placed in your preferred location such as in a metropolitan city (which attracts the most applicants), it is highly recommended that you apply 7-8 months prior to March or September.  Jobs are filled on a
first-come, first-serve basis (FCFS); there are no specific deadlines. Additionally, the majority of positions are filled within the first two months from the opening day (opening days are April 1st for Sep. intake and October 1st for March intake).  Positions at Metropolitan cities are pretty much all filled with in a month or month and half from the opening day. That being said, do not despair if you find yourself applying between April-June 15 for the September intake or October-December 15 for the March intake.  There will still be positions available but these positions are still highly competitive.

One of the most important things you need to know is “How the jobs are filled (EPIK policy)”

Employment is granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The candidate who has successfully passed the interview and submitted the complete documents without error or omission will be placed first.

In the event that the maximum number of available positions for a given province has already been filled by successfully candidates whose documents are complete, the selection of GETs for that province will be closed even before the final recommendation deadline, and the remaining unemployed candidates with completed documents may be employed in a different available province of their choice or they can be put on the waiting list for the full province and can be employed according to the waiting list order as positions become available.

Many people apply for the public school jobs in Korea and some jobs are filled way before the dead line, Jobs in Metropolitan cities for example. Therefore, for some high-demand jobs, the dead line is not relevant at all and require you to apply as soon as possible

Considering the time it takes to get your visa documents, which takes about a month to three months, as well as the successful completion of the job interview, we advise you to order your visa documents immediately and start the application procedures as soon as possible to secure a position as the jobs are filled very quickly.

About the ProgramEPIK.gif

EPIK (English Program in Korea) run by the Korean Ministry of Education was established in 1995 with the mandate to improve the English speaking abilities of students and teachers in Korea, to develop cultural exchanges, and to reform teaching methodologies in English while enhancing the Korean image internationally.

EPIK, program of the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, invites responsible, enthusiastic native English speakers to conduct English conversation classes for Korean primary and secondary public school students as part of the Korean government's aim to promote and strengthen English language education.

Successful applicants conduct English conversation classes for Korean primary and secondary public school students as part of the Korean government's aim to promote and strengthen English language education

English Program In Korea aims
1) improve the English communication and language abilities of students and teachers,
2) encourage cultural awareness and exchange,
3) improve English teaching methodology in Korea, and
4) enhance the Korean image internationally.


·  A person who has minimum bachelor degree in any discipline, or students who will be graduating before July 2011 (No experience required but preferred),

·  By E2 visa law, EPIK teachers should have a citizenship from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and South Africa. Must have studied from the junior high level (7th grade) and resided for at least 10 years or more in the country where English is the primary language Ethnic Koreans with legal residency in a country where English is the primary language can apply, but must provide proof of English education beginning from the junior high school level.

· Have the ability and willingness to adapt to Korean culture and living

· TESOL certificate/Teaching certificate would be an asset

Location of Position:
Public schools and Korean government Educational Institution throughout South Korea

Contract Period:

·        August 20th, 2014 – August 19th, 2015 (length of the contract is one year )

·        The contract is subject to renewal thereafter.

Position Description (Working hours and duties):

•Teaching for the elementary to high school students
•Working hours: 8:30 am-4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

•Teaching hours: 22 hours (classes) per week during the school hours.
• To assist Korean teachers with their English class(es) and/or jointly conduct English class(es);
• To prepare teaching materials for English class(es);
• To assist with the development of teaching materials related to English language education;
• To assist with activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities within the place of employment;
• To conduct English conversational class(es)/course(s) for Korean teachers and students

Salary and benefits

· Salary:  Base salary from 2.0-2.85 M Korean Won per month depends on your qualification and a location you teach ($25,000-31,000 USD annum before over time)

· Free roundtrip Airfare (Entrance/ Exit allowance)

· Free Furnished Housing Provided - Single studio-type housing

· Paid vacation minimum 21+ calendar days per year in addition to national holidays (12-14 days) or 5-8 weeks paid vacation in some provinces.

· Government Medical plan; this medical insurance will allow you to receive medical attention and prescription medicines at a fraction of their original cost.

· National Pension Scheme; Pursuant to the Korean National Pension Corporation Act, 50% of your compulsory pension contributions will be paid by your host POE. At present, only EPIK English teachers holding American, Australian and Canadian citizenship are eligible for a lump-sum pension refund upon successfully completing their contract and departing Korea

· Severance Pay - Equal to approximately one month's salary

· Settlement allowance: 300,000 Won ($270 US)

· Renewal Allowance: 2,000,000 KRW ($1,800 US) will be provided upon successful completion and renewal of your contract with the same POE.

·  Tax Exemption - 2 years of income tax exemption (except for Canadians and Irish)

· No recruitment charges to you

How to Apply

Please email us your resume and photo to
Please state your date of availability when you send us your resume. Once we receive your resume will contact you as fast as we can. 

For inquiries, contact:

Henry Jung
Skype ID:

I Love ESL Ltd.
Toronto, Canada


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Locations: throughout korea

Popular locations are ;
·  Busan Metropolitan City, Incheon Metropolitan city, Ulsan Metropolitan city and other Metropolitan cities such as Daegue , Gwang Ju etc.
·  Gwangwon Province: beautiful coastal areas where you can get 5 weeks paid vacation
·  Some people love to be near coast, mountain, smaller areas, and cultural areas. Please feel free to ask me about the locations. We will discuss further about the locations.

1.     Seoul
2.     Busan

3.     Daegu

4.     Incheon

5.     Gwangju

6.     Daejeon

7.     Gangwon

8.     Chungbuk

9.     Jeonbuk

10.     Gyeongbuk

11.   Gyeongnam


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