Teac English in Korea -Public school teaching jobs in Ulsan office of Education (Feb. 2013) in South Korea-If you need over time go to this MOE


emoticon  Location: Ulsan city (a beautiful coastal City)



Meet Whales and enjoy Oceanic life of Ulsan while you are teaching English: As a City familiar with whales, the first city starting whaling and Oceanic city that hold whales, the natural monument, Ulsan is waiting for you. Home town of Hyundai where more foreign population living. More events and activities among foreigners than any other areas in Korea.

If you are over time lover, more overtime opportunities are available compared to other areas in Korea.

The areas

Ulsan Metropolitan City: Ulsan has spearheaded the effort to attain the modernization of Korea and has been the driving force for the growth of the Korean economy (Home town of Hyundai). Ulsan is a city with splendid culture and long history, endowed with the beautiful nature of the Tawhagang River brimming with salmon and Yeongnam Mountain.

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Cities that close to Ulsan City 

  1. Gyeongju City, a city treasure-trove of Korean culture, a living history city, ancient capital city of Korea, #1 foreign tourists’ destination (40 minutes from Ulsan), http://www.gyeongju.go.kr/eng/01/01.asp.
  2. Busan City: The second largest City down by the Ocean (see next job posting for the city)
  3. Pohang City: http://www.ipohang.org/

Map of the city:


Starting date and Application deadline

emoticon Starting date: The job officially starts on August 20th, 2013

emoticon STARTING April 1st, 2013, the EPIK office will schedule interviews for the 2013 September intake (jobs starts in August 2013). To get an interview you need to submit the initial application package and you need to start preparing for the required documents ASAP. If you are a USA or a UK citizen, it is recommended that you start the application procedure immediately.

Please take note that the positions will be filled quickly, especially in metropolitan cities, therefore applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible.

Salary and benefits

emoticon You will be hired by the Metropolitan Office of Education.

emoticon Type of Students: Elementary, middle and high school students.
emoticon Working days in a week: Mon – Friday.
emoticon Working hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

emoticon Salary: 2.0 M-2.7M Won: compared to many different areas in Korea there are well established extra money making opportunities available at this city, for example *afternoon classes, *Korean teacher trainings, and *various camps you can apply in addition to your regular classes. The average you can make is approximately 1,000,000 Won per month if you work 4-6 more classes per week which is easy to do (you only need to teach 22 classes per week or 4.4 classes per day at public schools). Depending on your base salary, your monthly salary could be between 2.8M-3.6M Won if you decide to apply for the various programs. Check with us for more details.

emoticon Paid Vacation: 21 days

emoticon Type of Housing: single housing: higher budget for housing.

emoticon Recontraction Bonus: two weeks paid vacation and round trip ticket to home.
emoticon Government medical Insurance provided: 50%.

emoticon One time settlement allowance: 300,000 Won.

Detailed information for Salary and benefits visit http://www.iloveesl.com/teach-english-job-korea-public-schools.php