• Required teachers: prefer to hire teachers with teaching experience (preferred but not a must) or with higher qualification (BA in English, BEd, BA with TESL, Major in TESL, etc.). Teachers who are already in Korea are welcome to apply

POSITION #1 (we are currently hiring teachers for this position)
• Starting date: March 01, 2015-- Two openings

• Working hours: 1:00pm to 5:30pm.
• Salary: 2.0M (since there will be up to 16 weeks of paid vacation, the salary is set to 2.0).

• Age group:
- Elementary school students. You will be teaching at pubic elementary schools. You are expected to teach at three different schools and you need to start teaching at a school from 1 pm (you will be visiting about two schools on the same day; ex. teach two classes at School A then go to School B and teach another two classes on the same day. You will have a Korean co-teacher who will be able to transport you between the schools, therefore there is no need to worry about transportation. If you go to your office first, you can still get a ride from your co-teacher. You can discuss travel arrangements with your co-teacher. You and your co-teacher will be teaching at the same school, but different classes). You are not required to go to JinJu national university (who is your employer and is the location of your office) every day. You will need to go to your office to use equipment and teaching materials, and when there is a staff meeting. Most of the time you may be allowed to go directly to your school from your home (without going to your office). 

Vacation: 2 months during the summer and two months during the winter (when your students are on vacation). The school may or may not organize a summer or winter camp and may ask you to teach at the camps (per school, the duration of the camp should be less than a month and the chances of a school opening a camp is about 50/50). If the school opens a summer/winter camp, you are required to teach and your vacation will be decreased by the duration of the camp(s). The age group of students will be either university students and/or adults in the city. For the camp position you will be teaching at the university. If both camps are organized, your vacation would be 8 weeks and a few additional days. If only one camp is opened, your vacation will be 12 weeks plus a few days. It is possible that your vacation could be up to 16 weeks or more.
• Housing: A nice single apartment (
a 1 or 2 room studio (15-20 pyong / 50-65 square meters in size) located a 5 minute walk from the University and teaching location)
• Location: Jinju city, a nice and clean city near the cost
• City website:


POSITION #2 (The date that we need teacher will be announced when there is an opening)

• Working hours: 1pm to 8pm. Two short days (finish work around 6pm)
• Salary: 2.3M to 2.5M (depending on the qualification)

• Age group:

 -Elementary school student (teach at elementary schools).

- Teaching nurses or government officers (three to seven classes per week)
• Total working hours per month: 120 hours maximum, average of 90-100 hours per month.

• Vacation: 10 working days. 


*Only eligible candidates will be contacted for an interview.

*CUE is located in Jinju, which is a peaceful and beautiful city situated in southern Korea, not far from Busan. Unlike many national Universities in Korea, CUE is large enough to offer many excellent benefits and facilities to our instructors. It is also small enough that it possesses a friendly atmosphere and a unique campus culture.  

*The job is very secure (you are hired by a department of a national university). There will be more job securities and you will be covered by all four insurances required by the Korean government (medical, pension, work related injury insurance, etc.).

*Another perk is the university is located at a 10-15 minute walk (from 2 of the main night-life areas in JinJu, and is close to a large river park, etc. The overall cost for living is cheaper in Jinju (500,000 people) than larger cities, and the ex-pat community is growing and welcoming.

Jinju (Chinju) city, Gyungsangnam-do, South Korea

Please forward your resume, cover letter, a recent photo, and a copy of your passport


The university is a famous teachers college in Korea. By government regulation, every single teachers college is supposed to have a department serving the communities (provide special education to the community). You will be hired a department called SCHOOL - BASED ENTERPRISE PROGRAM DEPARTMENT under the university.


The department has three teams of teachers who are going out to teach English.


For now, there are three teams.


1.      First team goes to elementary school(s) and teaches afternoon classes


2.      Second team goes to Korea Water Resources Corporation http://english.kwater.or.kr/  to teach government employees


3.      I think there is a third team but I do not remember exactly what they do (may be another elementary school or corporation)


They contract with hospitals, or government departments so there tends to be classes to teach nurses (hospital and medical English classes), etc. Depending on your qualifications you may only teach at the inside of the department.


How to Apply

Please email your resume and photo to 


Please state your date of availability when you send us your resume. Once we receive your resume will contact you as soon as possible. 

For inquiries, contact:

Henry Jung


Skype ID: iloveesl.com

I Love ESL Ltd.
Toronto, Canada